Why join Vertuo dental clinic ?

You benefit from a 35-hour salaried employment contract with a very attractive level of remuneration: you get long and peaceful weekends

Thanks to our agile protocols and appropriate training, your freedom to care is truly respected and allows you to deliver high-quality treatments

Your development perspective are real.
At Vertuo, we do not just come to work but potentially build and ensure a career, surrounded by high level clinical and organizational professional trainers

Get access to the best available equipment, the best technologies, demanding dental labs and high end partners.
Your working conditions, 100% supported, are designed 
for your comfort

Thanks to our partnership with Carrefour shopping centers, your provided patient base benefits from exceptional advantages: accessibility, practicality, free unlimited time parking, …


You join a high-end network of different experts, who invests in you thanks to regular individualized training on specific topics based on scientific evidence

Learn to master new digital tools (cone beam, optical impression, guided surgery…), access the latest scientifically proven therapeutic knowledge, and master new models of organization and clinical excellence


Discover the virtuous circle philosophy

At Vertuo, we have 2 obsessions

  • That you be happy

As a matter of fact, if you are happy, you will
particularly take care of the patients.
And a happy patient = a happy practitioner.
And vice versa. The virtuous circle.

  • That virtue in terms of

                   – ethics​
                   – quality
                   – energy

       fulfills each of our actions

Who is Vertuo ?

Pharmacies, multidisciplinary health centers, dental clinics …: the Vertuo label offers local healthcare spaces where it feels good to live and where professionals and patients meet themselves above all on the human level.

Becoming a Vertuo practitioner means being sure to work in fulfilling, fluid, and easy conditions of excellence to grow in optimal conditions.

Let yourself be seduced by the charms of France…

…Let us take care of everything !

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